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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ending crime of a traveling ticket, I got gay porn

Changing the location of my writing.

Editing it. Called Draft 2.

Someone send me gay porn again.

Editing my writing. What the hell I wrote?

Look, I know there are "gay porn".

I do NOT watch it. Crazy price tag. YOU KNOW YOU GOT MONEY. I thank you for sending it to me.

But there is a crazy woman keep deleting it off.You wanted to see it on my email. Its not on it.

Look she has my email access and keep thinking I have to gave her something. "Like your gay porn collection". You go to hell. She is not even paying me. I have a problem with her. She is Chinese speaks Mandarin. Their people, I heard likes lots of men. Some women want to be a man. They do. Selling tea or something.

Now talking about the Chinese. They keep downloading my things for strange reason. It's not called data harvesting.