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Monday, December 28, 2015

Translation: Ripping Orchid---Poetry

My own translation on the Chinese poem. ---Wai

  1. There stand the orchid blooming in sweet pleasing scent
  2. All the smell spread clearly and slowly
  3. If I do not pluck the flower, how can I harm it?

  4. It stands there still like that all year round, while I traveled away, 
  5. I fought for my dreams and hopes, teaching all of them moral truth

  6. I pluck the flower and bought it with me, its smell is as clear as my dedication
  7. Snow and frost is as clear as each petals wither away
  8. As gentlemen's promise, as prosperity upon our children 

Chinese poem provided for review.


  1. 兰之猗猗,扬扬②其香。
  2. 众香拱之,幽幽其芳。
  3. 不采而佩,于兰何伤?
  4. 以日以年,我行四方。
  5. 文王梦熊,渭水泱泱。
  6. 采而佩之,奕奕清芳。
  7. 雪霜茂茂,蕾蕾于冬,
  8. 君子之守,子孙之昌。


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