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Friday, February 9, 2018

Dudes in drawing

I do drawings of guys. Not so good, but I do it.

The above is a test on black and white. The two color is forever. You should like them too.

Madame Mothball. A test on watercolor and inking. Just not an expert on drawing hair. The drawing is a mix media. Idea based on Moth. I have got people who love moth and doesn't like others who don't. So an early happy Halloween to them. You should know I was told not to kill them but you know every body have to know how to do something about it. You have no idea what it means when you see them in your home. Clean up.

I was thinking about doing some Volunteer. Decided to put it on hold. Still doing English improvement. May 2018 

New Drawing May 2018

Some one has to run for presidency?!  I was thinking why don't they do it. It'll be popular!

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